Second and Third Snow.

We had a second and third snow this week. Last night’s was the real thing. Enough white powder swirled in the air to get lost in it, and when it hit the ground, IT DIDN’T DISAPPEAR!!

Everyone got outside to play except for me (Mommy) because I was plenty cold enough just watching, and after Harvey’s 20 seconds on the deck, he needed me inside to keep him company. He’s decided being cold is overrated.

Ollie, on the other hand, takes A LOT OF CONVINCING to put on a coat. Impervious to the cold, he is.


First Snow of 2016.

It was a heavy dusting. Sort of like the top of a powdered sugar donut.

Today we started back up with our daily schedule of school and chores and some of us got out of our pajamas while others did not. We were nearly halfway to normal by lunch time.

But then it snowed when Shepherd was 2 sections into today’s math lesson and we had to call a break. You played a while, scraping snow with spoons until you almost had a snowball (you called it fluff), and then Mamaw made you cocoa and you and your quilts sank into the couch for reruns of Lambchop.

Harvey is going to be mad at me for not letting him out to play until he’s 3 or 4, and someone ate all my fancy cookies.

Still, we’ve had a good afternoon.


We Gingerbread Housed Yesterday.

You guys made a SWEET gingerbread house in the morning and then, after asking if you could PUHLEEEZE eat it every ten minutes for eight hours, you broke it apart and scarfed it down last night.

As Ollie says, you did it “All by yours-self.”


It was a great looking house.


When you wake up older.

You woke up older this morning. And older still later after your nap.

Every few months, this will happen. We will tuck one of you boys into bed and the next morning, something has changed.

Sometimes it’s as simple as you’ve started walking without holding onto our fingers. Other times, you’ve awakened with deep questions that must be answered.

Then there is the most common way it happens. You wake up and you just look older.

Harvey, that’s why you got your picture taken today. I am positive you look much, much older than you did yesterday.

And it’s not just because you had me put big boy unders over your diaper.



Shepherd’s 7th Birthday Party.

Oh what a fun and crazy 2 hours!

We had almost all the cousins there, and new friends from school, and a boombox pinata, and a whoopie pie cake, and lots and lots of junk food.

You loved every one who came, enjoyed every moment of the birthday song, and have been pacing yourself through all your gifts since the party ended last night.

I think it’s going to be an awesome year, this seven!


i hereby resolve to post more posts!

It took me 4 tries to remember the name of this blog.

Then only by the grace of God and saved passwords was I able to sign in.

I should post more frequently, surely.

We have moved, begun homeschooling, and had SNOW since I last wrote.

Tonight was the Tuesday School Christmas program. Always adorable, always fun. It is our fourth year having at least one boy in attendance, but this was the first time we were scheduled to stay for BOTH program times.

4 hours. But it was worth it. I cried, I laughed. Daddy went to get hot coffee for me and Mamaw between shows. I took a sip. I cried more. I don’t know why seeing one of you boys on stage makes me a blubbering mess, but it does.

Archie, you nailed it. You were even so proud of yourself after each song that you cheered and threw your fists into the air in jubilation. Which was perfect. It was a great show you put on!

Ollie, you are tres tres entertaining. You were so funny to watch. You did what Archie did last year and kind of just looked around with your mouth open, taking in the sights. You were a very essential part of the production, though! You held up the U in the name JESUS! What an awesome surprise!


Winding Down Summer.

Oh my goodness. First grade is a whole new world. So. Many. Things. on the calendar. We are living in the moment but beyond Instagram, I have forgotten to document it.

C’est la vie.

“la vie!”

Let’s see… summer in a nutshell.

It rained every day but one in June. Heavy rain.

But we still managed to hit 12 parks for our GreatParkAdventure challenge – some of them many times, like Cox Arboretum and Grant Park!

Shep began his year round school in July after a 6 week break. He’s taking it a day at a time, but it’s air conditioned, so that’s a bonus! AND He’s a Tiger Cub (Boy Scouts of America) – he’s waited his whole life for this:)

IMG_20150701_115320 IMG_20150702_150108 IMG_20150704_103512 IMG_20150704_194421 IMG_20150704_195409 IMG_20150705_151648 IMG_20150711_120303 IMG_20150716_134419 IMG_20150721_184304 IMG_20150722_184725 IMG_20150723_142351 IMG_20150724_210911

Shep and Archie both learned to ride their bikes without training wheels and are both playing baseball at the Y. Shep is in coach pitch and Archie is in t-ball. Archie’s quote after every game is “I had TOO MUCH FUN. I love it!”

Ollie got a bike with training wheels for his birthday and was feeling so empowered, he potty trained the next weekend. In about 36 hours. No real accidents in public, and he wakes up dry 9 out of 10 nights. PRAISE GOD.

Harvey’s up to 6 teeth and is standing a bit. He’s humming himself to sleep some days, and will string together sounds like Dadadadadada (mamamamama to come.) He’s still incredibly popular with his brothers but is too big and too mobile for them to hold him on their laps.

They are sad about it.

We’ve just about finished all our house projects in hopes of moving into a larger home sometime in the near future, and the boys are doing remarkably well with keeping the new carpet clean.

The new couch, however… is THE GREAT TEMPTATION. No matter how often we remind them there are no acrobatics or feats of strength allowed on the furniture, they regress to their animal ways as soon as it’s in view. Truly impressive flips and body flops abound. I am more amused than I should be.

w-harvey-may w-archie-may w-archieharvey-may w-archie2-may w-fireflies-may w-boys-july w-harvey-july w-gerryharvey-july w-shep-firstgrade w-boys-july2